Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's official, we're having a precious baby girl. We've got a few names in mind, and are as excited as anyone could be. We both can't wait to go shopping and start getting the nursery set up.
She was so very cute today. She had her feet up at her face and was grabbing them with her hands. You could even see her face making a little sucking face...although luckily she hasn't started sucking her thumb yet. Can't wait until we get to see that precious little face in person. We got some great ultrasound pics and can't wait for the 4D ultrasound in a couple months. We'll keep you posted on all the progress. :)


bricksgirl said...

Hi Kim and Olivia,
I found out from Chaney today that you are having a baby girl. I am so happy and excited for you both, you will be amazing parents.
Bye, Monica Battersby
P.S. Your Christmas pics are beautiful!

HoneyBee said...