Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well she's finally here...she held on as long as she could and was finally evicted via c-section on May 26th at 2334 after Kimberly putting in a GREAT effort for many many hours. The labor officially started at 1130. It was a very very long day but with a great reward at the end.
We were very attached to the birthdate of 5-26 so were excited that she made it out just in time to not be the 27th. Haha!
She's such a sweet baby. She already smiles and just loves snuggling. We're so lucky to have her and have so much fun with her every second.
Here are some pics...enjoy...


Jenny said...

Such a sweet little angel she is.. I was reading your postings below and you made me laugh about carring dolls around and looking crazy to your dogs hehe :-) you guys are funnnny!


HoneyBee said...

Yay! Jeff told us all about it... I'm happy you two are well and she is beautiful!